Christina Ruiz is a professional stylist working in both the LA and NYC area.

Most people only use 25% of what’s in their closets. Why? Because they don’t have a wardrobe…they have a closet full of “stuff.” Plaids here, paisleys there, you just impulse shopped your way into a bunch of unrelated pieces and no distinct look. So now what?

Consider what you wear as a reflection of who you are. Your dress has a powerful impact in both your social scene as well as your work world, and I can help you build a wardrobe that works for you in all areas.

What you want is a closet full of pieces that work back and forth with one another. What you want is to create a look. We’ll begin with a discussion about your lifestyle and determine your needs. Next: head straight to that closet and weed out the old pieces that just don’t work. Building from there, I shop and bring new pieces to your home for fittings. No pressure from aggressive sales people, no fitting room lines. I do the shopping, saving you time to do whatever you so choose.

It doesn’t have to be a struggle to put together an outfit and walk out the door. And with my help, you’ll walk with confidence.

Look good. Feel good. Wear it well.

Christina Ruiz
Personal Styling/Shopping

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